Widgets and Navigation Hallway Hangout


On 14 August 2020, Andrei Draganescu and I hosted an open invite “Hallway Hangout” for the WordPress community. This was a casual Zoom chat intended to emulate the kind of interesting conversation you might end up having with someone new in the hallway of a WordCamp.

We demonstrated the block-based Widgets and Navigation screens which are in active development for the upcoming WordPress 5.6 release.

Here’s the near-complete1 recording.

  • 00:25: Demo of block-based Widgets screen.
  • 09:06: Widgets Q&A.
  • 14:55: Demo of block-based Navigation screen.
  • 24:25: Navigation Q&A.
  • 41:58: Discussion on “Latest Posts v2”.

  1. Naturally, I forgot to start the recording until we were already 10 minutes in.

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